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What’s Krios?

Krios is our developed enterprise solution for the higher education sector. Working with leading universities and colleges in the MENA region for the past years, helped us gaining an extensive experience and understanding of campuses daily communications requirements and challenges.

Krios is the ideal enterprise one-stop solution for higher education communications departments. It’s built on top of OpenText WEM as an external extension, with tens of great features that serve all campus’s stakeholders, and help content editors and authors to easily create and publish content throughout various channels in few clicks.

Here are some great features that makes Krios the ideal solution for Higher Education:

  • Keep WEM for developers, and let Krios deals with your content editors
  • Create and publish contents through all your digital channels including your portals, digial signage, and more
  • Powerful tools to enhance the user experience
  • Integration with popular SIS applications
  • Includes course catalogs, event calendars, call of papers, and other EDU solutions

More information about Krios will be availabe soon.