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Communications Plan

Do you have an updated communication plan?

One of the most important documents that we recommend every organization to have in place is a 1 to 3 years communications plan. A clear and a well-structured plan, will give organizations a clear vision and draw the easiest route to achieve objectives and targets.

There are two types of communications plans, internal and external; while the internal describes communications channels that facilitate the exchange of information and set clear guidelines and policies for the organization’s board, executives, management, and staff. The external communications plan targets and deals with the external audience, including the branding and marketing aspects of the organization.

We at Alpha Solutions ME offer both, but we focus more on delivering solid external communications plans that have direct impacts on sales, marketing and branding. Our external communications plans cover the following:

  • Strategy Overview
  • Branding Overview
  • Communications Objectives
  • Positioning Statement
  • Communications Platforms
  • Targeted Audiences
  • Content Guidelines
  • Key Dates and Publishing timelines
  • Marketing Campaigns and PR Events
  • Benchmarks