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Content Audit

Do you feel that your website can perform better?

Whether you are looking to expand the value of your communications, or you have a large website with hundreds of outdated pages, or you simply planning to migrate your website to a new platform, our content audit services will come handy to design your next action plan.

A content audit will give you a clear overview of your content, and help you to understand how to manage and update it through all your communications channels, in addition, allowing to decide the key assets of your content whether to keep, remove, combine, redirect or simply create new ones.

At Alpha Solutions ME, we will start by collecting all the relevant information about your communications channels, including a complete list of your website’s pages, data from web analytics, server logs and benchmarking sites. Then we will analyze the output and find the most valuable key messages and assets that will become the core of your content.

After knowing your key messages and assets from the previous step, we will go through all your content to decide which one must stay and weed out the outdated, duplicated, and useless content that do not have any value for your audience. Then we will perform a quality audit on the remaining content that includes spelling checks, tone of voice, formatting, photos relevancy, search engine performance, conversation rates and more.

In addition, we will go through your website layouts to evaluate both UI and UX, cross-platforms compatibility, and we even go deeper and audit the compliancy of your front-end code with the latest international standards.

Finally, whether you will do the changes by yourself or request our services to do so, you will get a full report that includes:

  • Content current state review
  • Communications plan review and recommendations
  • Recommendations of modifications (content, UI, UX, sitemap, SEO, etc.)
  • Content writing guidelines and policies
  • SEO guidelines
  • Front-end scripting guidelin


We also offer, training sessions for your content editors on how and when to manage your content.