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OpenText WEM Implementation

What’s OpenText WEM?

OpenText Web Experience Management (WEM) platform helps enterprises deliver omni-channel experiences to their customers, business partners, employees and others who interact with their published web content. It also helps enterprises learn more about their audiences to optimize web-based interactions with them by creating and storing detailed profiles of each content viewer, which can then be used by their marketing team or other related departments to enhance user experience.

The platform supports:

  • Both WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") and form-based editing of content
  • Search functionality in many languages across text, metadata and content attributes
  • Social networking capabilities
  • Responsive and adaptive design for different channels
  • Support enterprise infrastructure like clustering, load balance, caching, and more
  • Content Segmentation & Targeting

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Our team at Alpha Solutions ME are experts in Designing, Implementing, Customizing, Optimizing, and Extending OpenText WEM Installations in the MENA Region. Whether you are looking to implement a fresh installation of OpenText WEM or optimize your current installation, you can count on us, as we deliver both onsite and remote supports, in addition to a wide range of custom modules and add-ons that help your authors and marketers take your website into a new level.

In addition, we provide demos and presentations for CEOs and higher management, to help them take decision about choosing their organization’s new web content management systems.